Seekers  Club of the Paranormal

NYC  Paranormal  Club

The investigation with SCP team. Hope,Missy, Jesse and Anthony are doing EVPs  and DVR recordings. Photo by SCP

200 year old bar investigation Newbough NY. We can't debunk this photo. photo by Joey

     There is a small figure that appears behind Jesse


In the 200 year barn. These letters appeared on this thermal pad in front of the SCP team. Not sure what these letter means  ( I - K - b - S ).Photo by SCP
K2 meter (EMF), Mel meter (EMF,Tempture) and SP-7 box (Ghost box) some of the equipment use at the 200 year old barn. Photo by SCP 
Anthony in Off Limits location. This location is haunted by a spirit psychics call Peter. We got EVP and the Ovilus with the name Peter said. Photo by Jeess

We herd walking and then banging from behind the door

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