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Thank you everyone for coming to the tunnels! We were such a large group they had to split us up into two. I'm so sorry that we couldn't get paranormal researchers in both groups. I tried splitting up the paranormal investigators, but they had to stick together to focus on their investigation. If you were in the group with the paranormal investigators, please upload your pics! I heard there was alot of paranormal activity! I would also like to thank the Seekers Club of the Paranormal Group



Reply Delete The Malave Family
7:40 PM on June 9, 2013  by [email protected]

we had a AMAZING time today at Fort Totten. We are looking forward to doing it again real soon ! You guys have a great team. We were really lucky to experience activity today. From the basement to the 3rd floor



Reply Delete Denise and Roc
3:37 PM on June 9, 2013  by [email protected]

Hi guys. Enjoyed ghost hunting today with you at Fort Totten. Hope we get to share some of the voice or pictorial phenomena after you weed through all of it! Thanks Anna and Linda and the rest of my gang!

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