Seekers  Club of the Paranormal

NYC  Paranormal  Club

The 13 floor is know as a MOST HAUNTED  floor of the hotel. We got to investigate  with KRIS Williams of Ghost Hunters n Christopher DiCesare from syfy School Spirits

Joey investigating the 4th floor hallway for a cold spot.                            Room 410 is also a know haunted location.

Kris Wiilliams, Anthony Simonelli n Chris DeCesare before the investigation of the forbidden 13 floor 

Grant Lobby - We got to the Hotel early . Joey n I had to wait for our room to be ready. We sat by the piano. Joey stated smelling Violets and then I see a man with a top hat standing by the piano looking at us. Then he disappeared.

Haunted Utica Hotel  Halloween 2015



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