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Oct. 15 2015

On October 2015 I was walking around Fort Totten Park Bayside NY . I was looking for a good location to do some EVPs. I came across these forgotten building. Each Building is eerie in it own way. They are owned by the FDNY. I wouldn't go into any of them. You look through the windows and the floors and ceiling are falling . They are unsafe. I took Pictures Got a good photo of something in the window at the small pox hospital. It was of something looking evil. No EVPs come out . To much contamination. These are dangerous  buildings. DO NOT ENTER ANY OF THEM .

Small Pox Hospital 

You can see in the window glass a face. It looks evil and scary.  

Photo of the Small Pox Hospital from the road.

This small pox hospital is all over grown with trees and bushes.  


A Old Home 

This is old of the original house from the Fort was active and families lived here.  





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